Non-Public/Contract Description/Function
/custom security camera software Custom security software, developed to view multiple different model camera's in one application, with access to administration of each unit.

Public, Free Download Description/Function
/BP FAIL Whipped up a quick camera viewer for BP's Deap Sea ROV cameras, live streaming of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill... bastards...
/MDI-RoseNA Organize all your multiple Rose Online windows in one single window! Special thanks to Xcal & Rescudo. I can only claim credit for the concept this time, Xcal rewrote my code, quite an improvement!
/mark.bmp.exe clan icon creator for R.O.S.E online, uses auto
alpha layering, very basic and
very functional.
/phetcap31 screenshot management, capture, modify & save.

Outdated Description/Function
/iRoseLoginBot a suite of basic bot functions written for iRose, outdated but still functions in some aspects for later versions of R.O.S.E.
/phetblastar a super basic game for windows, doesnt use directx. Gets harder as your score goes up.
/server status server status ticker for R.O.S.E online.